If you take as much trouble and pack as much love into what you’ve created so far, the sky is the limit
— Helena Bonham Carter
Rosie’s dresses were exquisite. They were exactly what was needed for the day and Rosie was a true professional in tailoring them to fit perfectly. She was great fun to be around and I was constantly flawed by her talent throughout the day
— Billie Piper
When I first tried on the dress Rosie had designed and created for me I was sceptical because here was a garment of clothing that looked almost too good to be true. It was as though Rosie had known exactly the style of wedding dress that would suit me, but also the details that I would love. Everything was perfect and even more astonishing was the way it fitted me like a glove. After trying on countless wedding dresses this was the only one that made me feel beautiful. It completely encaptured the phrase ‘made for me’ and I am so grateful to Rosie for creating something that made me feel the way every bride should feel on her wedding day.
— Jessica Oliver
Your designs are so beautiful Rosie everyone was in awe of the dress on the shoot, all the models wanted to wear it!
— Jean Fernand, Organiser of a photography workshop
Rosie thankyou sooooooooooooooooo much for my corset, it is beautiful! You have judged it just right for me, although we have never met, I feel as though you knew me. I thought the grey fabric was lighter in the photos, but it is spot on. Sending you a big hug.
— Debbie Watkins
Rosie is fabulous, let’s just start with that! Not only did she create the most beautiful 50’s style prom dress for me, but she also put her absolute effort into seeking out materials she knew I would like, coming up with new ideas and taking risks that without a doubt paid off. I cannot thank her enough for spending so much time making the best dress I have ever worn, and making sure that it was absolutely flawless. The whole experience - from me showing her a terrible little concept sketch - to me actually wearing the final piece has been absolutely wonderful, I cannot recommend Rosie enough for absolutely any time and any occasion. Thank you Rosie for making my prom fantastic (and making me the best dressed!)
— Saffie Lily Hughs
I have personally purchased a piece of lingerie from Rosie. I asked for a baby doll dress with a bra built in to it and knickers. When sitting down with Rosie to go through what I require she was great. She listened to all my ideas and wrote everything down i.e. my measurements, what kind of patterns I wanted and where. Within a couple of weeks Rosie has sent me the drawings for the pieces. She was in constant contact with me always asking me questions. I was absolutely happy with the design and within a few more weeks I had received the lingerie. It came in a lovely box and wrapped up beautifully. When I took home and try it on it fit amazingly and I was completely happy with my purchase. Rosie has made it exactly how I wanted it and I was pleased. Rosie is an absolutely delight to work and takes great care in all her creations and I am so pleased to own a piece of her clothing. So proud of you lovely and good luck with all your adventures
— Jess Reeve
After seeing Rosie’s fantastic work I asked her to design a lingerie set for me for a photo shoot, I’m an equine photographer I wanted a equine themed lingerie set. Rosie made a fabulous outfit using vintage scarves, which is just perfect! She was very easy to work with and kept me updated with the progress and sent photos of the finished piece - she is a very talented lady and I hope to use her exceptional skills again.
— Sue Westwood-Ruttledge
Rosie’s work is simply magnificent. I asked her to make a corset for me for an upcoming act I was putting together. The act was peacock themed, so I asked her for lots of blues and peacock feathers to be used. I have no idea about corsetry so I put my full trust in her in how she was to design it. It is sublime, exquisite and beautifully intricate. There’s so much passion and time that had been put into this garment, I was beyond happy. I wish Rosie all the best for the future and she deserves all the success that will come her way. I will be in touch again most definitely.
— Sir Midnight Blues
Rosie is not only an extraordinary designer but also a genuinely delightful human being. She threw herself into Oxford Fashion Week assisting backstage in 2009 with the sort of energy and attitude that are hallmarks of people determined to realise their potential. We were so impressed with her designs even back then that we featured her outstanding denim wedding dress in our inaugural Oxford Fashion Week Concept Show. The rapturous round of applause when the design appeared showed we weren’t the only ones impressed. There is no doubt that Rosie will go from strength to strength and I will personally enjoy following her continued success.
— Carl Anglim, Director of Oxford Fashion Week
Rosie was still a student when she designed and made the costumes for Alice’s Adventures Underground. This was my very first time on stage since school and to have Rosie designing such amazingly original and quirky costumes was such fun and hard wok I imagine. Her ability to stay calm and collected with many excitable and sometimes demanding cast members was essential. Rosie was so friendly, supportive and professional. It’s not a surprise to me that she’s gone on to much better things and is doing so well for herself. A very inspirational young woman with such flair. Humble to the core. Lovely Rosie.
— Sara Clements