How to order:

Not got time to read just yet, but really want to be a Rosie Red Bride? Just tell me you're interested here and we can dicuss things one on one!

There are three main ways to order from me, and they all start with simply getting in touch. You can send me an email or make a phonecall. If you do decide to call please leave a message and I will get back to you when possible. Please get in touch 10 weeks before the garments are needed, however it is always worth contacting to see if I have a space and can create something at earlier notice. When the order is placed a deposit of 30% is taken to secure the order ♥


This is the most straightforward way to order, you see a picture and say 'I need to have that!' I then take your measurements, or you send them over and I make up a toile. A toile is a mock-up with your measurements to check the fit. We then have a fitting and any adjustments are made. The final piece is then made up and either collected or posted.


Similar to bespoke but based on existing collections. You see a picture and say 'I need to have that, but I wish the colours were different and it had more roses on the skirt!' Or something like that... The design work has mostly already been done but we work on altering and personalising the existing design to suit you as an individual. Maybe you want to have words embroidered on the hem of your bridal gown and have a poem or song that it specifically special to you as a couple. You could even have your vows or map coordinates of where you met embroidered! Similarly measurements are taken and a toile is made up to check the fit and to make any alterations.


This is the full absolutely personal option just for you! We start the design process after an initial chat, and the sky really is the limit. Anything is possible. I will present you with some design options and after you have picked a favourite we will make any adjustments and take that forward. Measurements are then taken and a toile is made for a first fitting. I will be with you along every step of the process to create your absolute dream couture garments.


l create pieces for clients outside of the UK, so don't hesitate to get in touch.