Real Brides is a section all about you! It showcases some of my favourite pictures, of brides who want to be included. When you decide to become a Rosie Red Bride you will be asked whether you would like images from your wedding featured on the website, or if you would prefer for your event to be kept private. It's important for me to do exactly what makes you happiest.


Hannah couldn't find anything she wanted on the highstreet, or online after searching high and low. Ethical fashion and great fit were high on her priority list, as was quality and attention to detail. She opted for an organic cotton underdress with capped lace sleeves and a fitted flute shape skirt. Over this she wore a French couture lace dress coat, with embroidered rose detail belt.

Daniela ♥

Daniela had seen my Wild Rose collection online and new that she just had to have an embellished dress coat, but she wondered if there was any chance I could make it in lilac? Of course I could! Daniela was an Italian bride that married her love in Iceland. She ordered and had all of her fittings online; I love my international brides.

"The fabulous dress has arrived and it's stunning, really. I'm speechless. Thanks for all. My friends are completely astonished!
A big big hug,



Georgina (FullerFigure FullerBust) has modelled for me many times, and is one of my plus size muses. Georgina came to me wanting a lace dress coat which could swish on the dance floor, cover up her arms and accomodate for her bust and curves. It's so important to me that all people of all body types enjoy their dress choosing experience. To match her dress coat and blue colour scheme, George chose a detailed belt.

Charlotte ♥

Charlotte couldn't believe her shape the first time she tried on a Rosie Red corset! She opted for a totally bespoke outfit in soft greys and ivory. She even had her vows and wedding date embroidered into the skirt. Charlotte was a dream to work with, and her style was so perfect for a Rosie Red Bride!

"Thankyou for today. I know me and my family can sometimes be a bit full on and you've treated us all so well and with such patience. You're such a talented woman! I cannot wait to show off this piece of art you have made for me to wear. All the extra bits you have made are just so special. I'm so so lucky to have found you!!"

Imo ♥

Imo came to me with a picture she had found online of a dress she loved the shape of. We used this as a starting point for her all lace long-sleeved gown. The train of the dress had a little red heart and ribbon sewn on the underside so that Imo could hook it up on her finger and dance the night away.

heart2 copy.jpg

Are you worried that you and your bridesmaids wont be able to lace your corset, or fluff your skirt right on the big day? Please don't worry!

I absolutely love weddings, and as a bespoke bridal service, I can also offer to come and dress you.

Whether you are based in the UK, or internationally I would love to help. Why not chat to me about it, by sending me a message here ♥